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GeoMOOSE 1.6.1 is the latest in the GeoMOOSE 1.X series

Nightly Build Packages

These packages are built nightly from Git. There are no promises these packages will work. You can see recent development activity on GitHub.

Other Packages

If you’re having problems with the download links above or are looking for an older package check here

MS4W Installation Note

Prior to unzipping the folder, please ensure you have the MS4W package installed on configured. There are installation instructions located here.

Note: The most recent versions of MS4W (3.1.0 and newer) can be downloaded from Older versions of MS4W (3.0.6 and older) are still available at

If you are upgrading from a previous GeoMOOSE version, ensure you back up all files prior to extracting this zip archive.

Source Code

GeoMOOSE versions after 2.6.1 are managed in Git. Earlier versions are available via SVN.


The official GeoMOOSE repository is available at


OSGeo graciously hosts our SVN repository.

The entire repository, including sandboxes and GeoMOOSE 1.X series code may be viewed from here.